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Anglican Church of the Resurrection Weekly Worship Service
Finish your weekend with a blessing! 
Join the Anglican Church of the Resurrection for our weekly, Sunday afternoon worship service.  We meet at the South Chatham Community Church at 4:00 PM on Sundays and we’d love to have you join us!
The South Chatham Community Church are hosting us at their lovely church building. We are grateful for their hospitality, and for the worship atmosphere that chapel provides. The church is located at 2555 Main Street, South Chatham, MA 02659. This is at the corner of Rt. 28 and Mill Creek Road near the South Chatham and Harwich town line.

Service Times

  • Primary Service, Sunday 4:00 PM at South Chatham Community Church, call (774) 734-3002 for details.
  • On Sunday July 4 we start our 7:30 AM Beach Services at Brewster’s Breakwater Beach, which is off Breakwater Drive. These will run July, August, and Labor Day Weekend. The services are brief, about 15 minutes, and right on the beach.
  • We meet at the South Chatham Community Church, located at 2555 Main Street, South Chatham, MA 02659. This is at the corner of Rt. 28 and Mill Creek Road near the South Chatham and Harwich town line.
  • Take Rt. 6 to Exit 11.
  • At the end of the exit ramp turn left onto Rt. 137.
  • Stay on Rt. 137 until it ends at Rt. 28.
  • Turn right onto Rt. 28. The church is 1/4 mile on the left. Parking is in the rear.
  • If you enter by the door closest to the parking lot you can take a set of stairs to your left to get to the sanctuary, or use the elevator straight ahead of you. If you use that elevator, HOLD the down button down to bring the elevator down to you (if it’s up), get in, then HOLD the up button to raise it to the next floor until it stops. Then you can open the door. Exit the elevator and turn around to the right, you’ll walk right into the sanctuary. Make yourself at home, we’d love to have you join us!

  • This past year we discovered  meeting online through a program called Zoom. Basically, I send out a link by email, and when you open your email you click on the link and you’re invited to join a meeting. Only the host has to have Zoom installed on their computer or phone. We get to see each other’s faces and hear each other’s voices as we have a service or a Bible study online. If you have a microphone, you can be heard. If you have a camera, you can be seen. If you are interested, you may call (774) 734-3002, talk with me and I’ll send you the links as meetings come up. May God bless you and keep you well in this worrisome time.

Upcoming Events

  • We are looking forward to July, August and Labor Day Weekend when we hold brief (15 – 20 minute) services in Brewster right on Breakwater Beach, which is directly off of Breakwater Drive, itself directly off Route 6A. The beach services are at 7:30 AM, and being on the beach are delightful.                     

Weekday Schedule

  • Zoom Tuesday Night Bible Study, 7:00 PM, on the three letters of John. Call (774) 734-3002 for details.
  • Zoom Thursday Night Evening Prayer Service, 7:00 PM, Call (774) 734-3002 for details. This is an Evening Prayer service from the Daily Office of our Book of Common Prayer, and is a well-rounded service of prayer, Bible lessons, and canticles. It is an opportunity to pray fervently for anything on your heart, we are particularly burdened for our country. Please join us in this time of prayer.

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