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September 9 Service MOVED to 9:00 AM Instead Of 10:00 AM

More blogs »Posted on Sep 8 2012

The Brewster Fire Department next door to us is having their second 9-1-1 Memorial, in an event that has become an annual event (The Fire Chief didn’t plan it that way, but the community has expressed itself!). The time for that Memorial Service is 10:00 AM, so we are moving our worship to 9:00 so that we can also go attend that service. It will be incumbent upon me to provide a short homily so that we can make it, and I’ll move the service along so that we can. The service allows us to pause and remember an event that had a significant impact upon our country, and reminded us that evil never sleeps. Unlike Pearl Harbor, where the victims of a surprise attack were far and away mostly military, this attack took the lives of some 3000 civilians, and did it in a way that our vaunted military technological advantages weren’t able to prevent. Don’t get me wrong, I served in the Navy and am very proud of what our services can do, but evil is nothing to take lightly, and that attack was evil. At any rate, we plan to support our local fire department in this memorial, and hope to see you there!

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