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Gimme That Old Time Religion

More blogs »Posted on Sep 20 2012

At a recent meeting of pastors and laymen affiliated with The Glory of God on Cape Cod we discussed our burden for evangelism on the Cape, our desire that more people would get to know and love Jesus. We discussed different ideas to reach out to our region, reputedly the second least-churched area in our nation, and agreed that we would fast and pray on Wednesdays toward this end. In the discussion somewhere I was reminded of times in my youth when some friends of mine and I would hop in someone’s car on some Friday nights and go out to a Church Singing. You pronounce that, by the way, ‘Church Sayngin’… On these nights, small churches out in rural Alabama would choose one to hold their Singing, and then go there with quartets, or small bands, or similar musical groups and sing popular old hymns or gospel songs. Sometimes the rest of us would listen, but most of the time we all sang along. I remember being fascinated that I wasn’t likely to choose any of these churches to attend on Sundays long term… Even then I wanted more liturgy, more ceremony, thought-provoking sermon and the Lord’s Supper done with a sense of holiness. But on those nights those things weren’t the issue. On those nights we gathered together simply to lift our hearts to the Lord with music that came from the heart, lyrics that praised Jesus, challenged us, and fully shared the Gospel message. The memory of those nights, from driving to the Singings in the rural Alabama night to the drive home afterwards, lodged firmly in my soul, and testifies to the power of music done well, and done from the heart. Perhaps something like this could be a part of our outreach.


Gloria E. Diaz

» September 21, 2012 - 3:45 pm

What a wonderful story and beautiful way-of-life for the youth in rural Alabama. There is a crying need for this type of loving bonding for our youth in the Cape Cod community and elsewhere. I wonder whether it would be easier to reach them were the churches to use a Village Green to gather and sign old beautiful hymns with a few musicians that may volunteer to take help. Or, play for small stipend in the beginning.

Karin Loewen

» September 25, 2012 - 1:27 am

I’m in–when do we start?! I would love that! I actually have an email list of people who I know are interested in doing hymn-sings. We did a couple small ones in our yard last year and I always wanted it to become a regular thing. I think it’s especially great when people from all different churches come together and are unified by singing together.


» September 25, 2012 - 5:20 pm

Karin, I’m going to have to bring your idea up on Sunday, I think it’s a really good one! It sounds like you have a great beginning, with your email list of interested folks… I’d like to think about how to effectively get the word out, flyers in store windows or something, Facebook maybe, so we can attract some new people. Would you think it’s better held at the Council on Aging, or at your home?

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