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Historical Documents

A word about the word ‘catholic’.

When you see the word ‘catholic’ in some of the church creeds, it dates to the early church and means the universal church, the overall church, “all God’s children”.  In our use, we do not mean the Roman Catholic Church, led in the Vatican by the Pope.  We have great respect for them, while having some notable differences with them.  As you peruse this website, please bear this in mind.

The Creeds generally were responses to groups attempting to introduce their peculiar beliefs, heresies, into the life of the Church.  The Creeds were designed to try to keep us “on one sheet of music”.

Special to Anglicans is the Book of Common Prayer, originally written to enable the people to worship in their own language.  Nestled within it are the Articles of Religion.  If you want to know what Anglicans believe, this is a fantastic place to start.