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Recommended with the Daily Office

Something I like to add to my Morning Prayer of the Daily Office is a reading from this book:

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Readings For the Daily Office from the Early Church, by J. Robert Wright. I came upon this book in a roundabout way, I used to enjoy reading the Liturgy of the Hours from the Roman Catholic Church, of which our Daily Office is a shorter version. THAT multi-volume set is convenient in that not only does it have each day’s readings printed right there by liturgical calendar day, it also includes a reading from one of the Early Church Fathers. These short articles are wonderful, and really blessed my devotionals.

Eventually, I used the Morning Prayer or Evening Prayer from one of our editions of the Book of Common Prayer, and took readings from our Church Fathers from the Liturgy of the Hours. But I heard that there was an Anglican version, and the search for that led me to Wright’s book. It also supplies readings from the Church Fathers, also given per day according to the Liturgical Calendar. Like in the Liturgy of the Hours, it is a great way to supplement your Daily Office.

I must warn you, this book is out of print, and at Amazon to buy it new as of when this article was written would cost just under four hundred dollars. BUY A USED ONE! On the day this was written, there is a used one for $27.00. I’d check Amazon from time to time, it may go back into print, or other used ones might pop up. Otherwise, should the day come that our church gets it’s own building, I’d like to start each day there with Morning Prayer, and these readings will likely be included, as they will be in sermons from time to time…